Friday, March 13, 2009

speaking of history

Living on this farm has been an adventure of sorts, learning about who owned what piece of land and how it all came together to be what it is today. It's not at all unusual for somebody who grew up out here in this little community to turn up on the doorstep wanting to sit a spell and talk about childhood or the river or to just enjoy the scenery. Back in the day it was a thriving business funded by profits from the sale of raincoats to the military during WWI. There were chickens and pigs and asparagus and such. The flagship barn and silos stand as a testament to the agrarian heritage of the family who owns it. It's high dollar ground, prime for development into a little gated community where nobody is scared of anything because they've got it all wired. My prayer is for that to never happen. Once upon a time the city fathers decided that rich people needed a bigger place to play golf and tried to take part of it. How did that go? I'm still here if that tells you anything.

My friend Kim told me about coming out here to creep around the haunted dairy barn when she was a teenager. Babygirl and both of my brothers have climbed that sucker damn near to the top. I'm not really big on heights what with the arthritis and such. The Eagle has this big old bucket truck that I got to ride in one time and it was just like being a bird from that perspective. And wouldn't you know it. The camera was in the house :)

Last week I went yard walking and spotted the first asparagus spear peekin' up out of the dirt. It has snowed twice since then but I feel sure that warmer days are coming.

Have I ever mentioned how much I *hate* to sweat? (stop me if you've heard this one)


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