Friday, March 27, 2009

crash and burn

That picture up top pretty much depicts how I feel this afternoon. Somewhere in the middle of all that smoke there's a guy tending the fire so he can bury it later. Old wood and barbed wire. It's nature's way. One of my buddies one time said you have to "make a mess to clean one up." That's pretty much been the game plan around here for fifty two years. My parents are comfy in their golden years with many friends and family to help them out. I shudder to think about those who don't.

The sawmill provided some end-of-the-business-week drama as everybody scrambles to save money for the company and their stockholders while the rats jump ship. Oh, and be nice to the clients too. Umm. Of course...that's what nice southern girls do best.

Is it wrong for me to be glad we were spared one damn more line of killer storms? There will be others, I'm sure. Those folks trudging around in cold North Dakota floodwater just make me want to fix 'em some hot chocolate or something."Things can always be worse." Don't know who said that. Probably Hoss or my mother.

BG is on spring break ala Pecan Lane. Not much longer until she walks and we go to the beach. Do I hear an amen?

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  1. AMEN! Though it only takes 15 minutes from here to the beach.... sorry!
    Here now... waiting on thunerstorms!