Saturday, March 14, 2009

easter people

We gathered today, a packed congregation of believers who have been taught wisely by Mr. Y. I was an honorary member of the SS class that my parents have belonged to for some forty plus years. Needless to say, I was the token "young adult" on that row. I've been to some mighty sad funerals in my time, but this wasn't one of them and that's how I'd like mine to be. A celebration of life....MY life and the ones who have been touched by me in some way or another. The preachers talked about servanthood and new beginnings on the other side of the river. We sang hymns together just like we have over the years because it's what you do at church to keep the faith. I never knew until today how much I've missed that since I went AWOL.

After the service me and the grands hit the Dairy Queen and grocery store on the way home to meet their visitors from Memphis. A bunch of their childhood friends loaded up and came to visit this afternoon. Daddy's baby sister came out and it was a full blown good time happening when I left. That was AFTER we chased a calf back through the barbed wire with my trusty Camry.

Never a dull moment around here, ya know?


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  1. It is nice to return after being AWOL for a bit. Of course they all made a big to-do over you, that's the way those people are. I know some of them.
    Be careful about chasing cows with the Camry, you could puncture a tire. On nails, barbs from the wire, or ...