Tuesday, March 17, 2009

green beer

Looks pretty nasty to me, but I'm funny like that. If I could afford good whiskey, that would be my drink of choice. Us redneck smartass gals make do with low calorie/low carb hops until sugardaddy comes along with a slow boat to Fiji.

BG and Annamarie have taken up walking Pecan Lane to shed the ugly winter pounds that tend to pack onto the butt and tummy. Conner came out with Anna today to experience another spring on the farm and we went to check out the animals and flowers. Dude totally wants to be a pizza chef like his dad when he grows up. That's him up there looking all cute and stuff.

Everybody's in survival mode as far as I can tell, which ain't a bad place to be right now what with Congress considering taxation of our employer provided health benefits to pay for lord knows what. That...ain't cool.

Does anybody have a good easy recipe for carrot cake?

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  1. I made a carrot cake from my mom's recipe. Unfortunately, I tried to double it and ended up with a very, very dense cake..... weighing 7 pounds. So I have a problem making cakes that are not box mixes... don't they make a box mix carrot cake?