Monday, May 7, 2012

when push comes to shove

Long story short? I got a call right after I stumbled to the bathroom this morning that the inspector had arrived and my friendboss was on the way to Memphis with her very sick hubby. Goodbye day off! It was a real learning experience for a well oiled machine like the one that she has created with her precise management style. Every department was involved in fetching and assisting and another friend showed up from across the river to take care of his part on HIS day off as well. Who loves ya boss? Prayers and hugs and positive karma speeding toward Germantown.

Since the boy puppies went to play at their new home Ryder has become quite the little diva, barking and chewing and generally getting on everybody's nerves, most especially Lily. A kitty diva herself, she doesn't respect anybody who tries to cross that line. Sam and Faith and Oscar look around like "what happened to just us?". Fostering dogs in my thing. To think that people will actually pay money to buy a certain breed amazes the hell out of this old country girl's soul. There are too many free cute ones that need care.

We are tire poor around here and constantly slapping down 7 bucks for a can of fix-a-flat just to get to some free air. BG's car was the latest casualty so I see some bizness coming for the dude at Tire Barn. For 40 bucks in 15 minutes, you can't beat it with a stick. So what if it's in the deserted part of what used to be a thriving business district and is now officially the 'hood. Every time I drive through the city business route through town, I am amazed at the destruction caused by two years of flooding back to back. Three or four businesses survived, but the rest will be bulldozed soon. Our friends will be married in the little church behind the chicken store because that's where they call home. Anna's shower was superb and she racked up! Wish I could go bachelorette partying but duty calls. Maybe one day I'll learn not to listen.

Mom and Daddy are maintaining. I'm not hovering, just expecting them to call us when they need us. It is what it is and I don't have the energy to for anything at this point. As a matter of fact, I wish I had a big fat margarita and a shrimp parm steak. Might as well dream big!!

Keep the faith ya'll. It's all we've got ^j^

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