Monday, May 28, 2012

climbing the water tower

I was just about to head for the silos for either a large leap of faith or a tendency to start shooting stupid people. And then Mimi came into the picture with her bright eyes and girly owl and feather earrings. Hot pink, no less. She's a beautiful caramel color and sometimes is mean to her little brother Junior who is just gorgeous himself. She made me smile for the first time today, as BG and I struggle through how to get the whole bachelorette weekend thing paid and still pay the bills. Which are all late, by the way. *sigh* And I try so hard!

I visited the Grands and Ms. Faye today as she was cooking lunch for daddy. Fried chicken, his all time favorite for Memorial day. Mom was surprised to hear me come in so I just sat in the floor and chatted with her about her friends coming next week. They all grew up together and none of them drives much away from home so it's a big event for every one. Last visit we served them chicken salad with mom directing every move. This time, they'll eat on the road.

Something has to go in the budget, so home internet is soon to be history. BG has a phone thingy and I can post from other locations so it's all good. I caved and paid the teevee thieves something which resulted in a negative, oh what the hell. The important thing to remember today is that our country has been protected by generations of men and women who put their lives on the line in the name of our freedoms. I have, as a baby boomer, seen those freedoms evaporate over my lifetime with religious zealots and Big Money making out like bandits. I'm not on a long weekend in a boat or on a lake or singing karaoke. My two day shift at the sawmill was not bad by holiday weekend standards and I got to sleep until 11AM today. Guess who's tired?

Consider this a karma request of sorts. What I need right now in my life is direction and a reason to believe that even though bad things happen to good people it's okay in the end because Big Ernie knows your heart. If you are a spiritual type person, ask for some clarity in my life. I'm ready to move on to whatever the next challenge is even though I'm sad for what is lost. No soldier has ever give his life in vain if we continue to let our voices be heard by those who are in control. And it's not two parties, umkay?


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