Sunday, May 20, 2012

count your blessings twice and act as if

I just got a text from an old friend whose toes got stomped on by an AM sermon. The subject was faith without works. I have been as guilty as the next guy for not reaching out when I see a need just because I'm busy/tired/don't want to get involved/think I can't possibly help. BG pointed that out to me when the neighbor lady first came for a helping hand soon after they moved to the end of the lane. I don't remember what it was, but I was roundly chastised for not taking the time to hear what she was saying live and in person. Ever since, I've watched from a distance as she and her husband struggle to survive and raise three children when nobody has a job or a car that runs all the time. His disability from seizure disorders is what they live on. No wonder they're all over the pecan crop!

Our last conversation was a couple of weeks ago when she went missing walked to the chicken store to get away from the madhouse. We sat on the porch after she returned and she shared that she's ashamed of how she looks because of weight, and is struggling to recover from shoulder surgery. Said she felt stupid because the law was looking for her and all. In the end, she called the sheriff's office and told them she was okay and she was sorry. Then she returned to her little prison down the road. This morning I heard yelling as I was sitting on the front porch, and when I left to pick daddy up they were sitting in the middle of the lane, car door wide open and she was digging to China with a stick while he avoided eye contact with me. Sad.

I've been through the entire working through denial/anger/grief/acceptance one-more-time thing this week and come up out of the hole once again bruised, but still alive. Even though there's ozone out the stinging my little eyes, it beats the shit out of being in the dark. To quote my very wise friend Sue, It is what it is. Deal with it and do your best. Big Ernie's got the rest, umkay? Part of that recovery has been the ability to snap pics again. Ain't nothing like it in the world outside of heroin or crack. Well, maybe golf.

I haven't even watched the SNL farewell to Kristin yet, and I'm sure it'll be great. She is a genius with her talent and will be sorely missed by that group and me also! I've watched Bridesmaids about six times and still laugh like an idiot every time. That's funny stuff, ya'll. Watched Hot Chick for the first time yesterday and was reminded that the sky's the limit when it comes to imagination and making people laugh. Loved Adam Sandler in the tribal shop. Priceless!

And so it goes. Just another week in the life of Poopie and her amazing list of adventures, journeys and whatnot. Stay tuned...there's no telling what will happen next.

Peace and love ^j^

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  1. I'm still here and reading, though most of the time it is while I'm driving from point A to point B. We got a law that says, no texting or emailing while driving. My answer will be I was reading a friend's blog, not typing. Feels kind of empty saying hugs and prayers all the time with all that you go through, but it is what it is and it is what I think and pray for ya'll.

    Life has not been easy around here either for the past few weeks and I'm just not the kind to start whining. So, sending positive thoughts your way in the hope that the big wheel of life brings them back.