Sunday, May 27, 2012

god bless the broken road

I have a friend or two who have successfully fought their demons and turned out to be responsible adults, myself being one of them. People with addictive personalities will stop at nothing to kill the pain of not being good enough. As a child, that was my father's message to me. Stupid, don't you understand! Any time I dared to speak out with an opinion I was roundly chastised for defying his authority. There was never any physical abuse, not even a spanking. Those were reserved for the boys and mom ran interference. My "time outs" were being grounded or having something taken away that I really cherished, like the car. The war in Vietnam began as I sat on the floor in front of a black and white TV and wondered what the hell was going on. Sounded scary as shit to me personally. And it was. These people were DRAFTED to go up into that clusterf**k of jungles and got spit on when they came home. The young people like me who said to hell with the military and busted out with some reefer madness and peace signs were not very popular. Looking back, I see that act of defiance as the beginning of my faith. I took a stand and believed that I was right about something, even though it wasn't the social norm. Mostly I just tried to blend in and understand it all.

When I look at all of the Occupy protests spring up around the world, I smile and nod and think to myself "ya'll go!" The worst they can do is kill you and that's happening already so what have you got to lose! The sad thing is that so many people are buckled under authoritarian rule without proper basic health and food that they have no choices, and choice is essential for freedom. Right or wrong, it's better than being stuck. I shudder at every story of Iraq/Afghanistan PTSD that gets told at the round table because it is all so not necessary if only we quit being afraid and look after our own in a peaceful manner. More and more often, the feds are stomping on states' rights where the voters have made a decision and the big big house Congress choose to play big Ike to pad their pockets. As a taxpayer, I am not only pissed but determined that if they won't play right I won't either. I ain't scared anymore. I can see some Homeland Security profiler right now putting me on the radar. Not to worry dude...I'm just a harmless unarmed stupid girl.

However I am a smartass redneck country girl, so ya'll watch your backs.


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  1. not worried about MY've got it!!!!!!!!! hugs...m