Saturday, May 12, 2012

blessings and miracles

I sit here on my first real day off in weeks, pondering on this and that which always means a nice rambling post is in the works. I find myself thinking about how it's always darkest before the dawn and cliches like that and I realize that it's a true thing. My life seems to be a really big challenge to ME and mine, yet there are others who have it so much worse. My bossfriend's hubby is still very sick, with a couple more weeks of hospitalization before he can come home to she and Gracey. He is NOT a patient man and this disease has really smacked him in the face with a lesson in patience. If you want to live, that is. I dropped by to visit with her on the deck this morning while I was out running errands (thanks to this weeks' generous donation from very nice people who love me.) We have food and the dogs have food. And the trusty old Camry has half a tank. Life doesn't get much better.

Usually by this time of year I've spent the grocery money on flowers but honestly, I just haven't had a spare dime for even one little pot. The herbs I bought died quickly due to the early hot dry conditions. Only rosemary is left standing. I treated myself to some gerber daisies today while picking up AC filters from the bigmegagiant store on the dangerous highway next to where Granny lives. That's what we call my aunt Nancy. My KY cousin called while I was on the deck with bossfriend and Gracey so I scooted on down to the homestead to visit with she and her hub and grandboy for a bit. This kid? Is precious. Looks just like his daddy, and acts like him too. All that activity was a bit much for daddy so we made a quick exit and went on down the road.

Pride was standing in the lane and as I topped the hill I played chicken with him, knowing he'd run for the barn with the dogs right on his ass. I talked to my friend Gigi about her sister's condition and plans for her recovery from surgery. Lisa is their medical go-to so it's all good. After I got the shit car unloaded I settled in to catch up with my friends and neighbors and Gigi called again. I figured it was just another healthcare question but instead she informed me that my stolen camera had been found, retrieved by a very precious person, and is waiting for me to pick up. I don't scream much ya'll, but you would have thought I was auditioning for Wheel of Fortune!!

The only thing I can figure is going on here is that I'm being blessed for caring and giving in the past, to whomever whenever the situation popped up. Whatever you call the big guy if you do the right thing, goodness will prevail. You may not live to see it, or even know how. But that is what being faithful is all about, no?


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  1. He does seem to keep an eye on those of us who really care. Call it what you will, Fate, Karma, Big Ernie, Yaweh, They are all the same. It's true, the rewards are worth waiting for sometimes.
    Hugs and prayers