Wednesday, May 2, 2012

free at last

With a big sigh of relief and dripping with sweat, I fetched mama from the nursing home and returned her and six weeks worth of stuff back to our homeplace. Daddy called three times before I could get there with her, and was waiting with the wheelchair outside as we pulled up. Somebody delivered the durable medical products and the nurse and therapist will visit tomorrow to see what's up at Casa Grands. Phase III, if you will, of this little adventure which was all caused by sepsis in an arthritic knee. Go figure. My oldest friend, the one I played with in the nursery at the UMC, stopped in today to explain that she's having a surgery soon to remove her ovaries. At the age of 47 she had an emergency colon resection due to a complete blockage by a malignant tumor. Fortunately, it was well contained and regular checkups and preventive care have kept her healthy. A recent blood test showed that she has a genetic mutation that predisposes those have it to not only colon cancer but ovarian as well. So...guess what's coming out now? She'll be alright though. After that she's headed to the beach with her fam for recovery. She's the one who always has her dressing for Thanksgiving dinner in the freezer by Halloween. All in all, life is good. I'm still broke and broken in many ways. There are too many mouths to feed around here and only one of us making much money. But things could be much much worse. I could be grieving the loss of my child or spouse because of senseless war and/or political moves. Ours is not the only country in the world struggling with economic woes or unrest. Change is a good thing, even if only in the hearts of those who can imagine it. Now, to President Obama, I feel compelled to speak quite frankly about what's going on in the electoral process. You have pissed me off on several levels recently, beginning with your total lack of respect for states' rights allowing the feds to raid legitimate businesses in states where the people have said "hell yes." This, is not cool. Neither is your ( or your speechwriter's ) spoken proclamation that you killed Bin Laden and Romney wouldn't have had the balls. Puleeeeeez,dude. If things go the way I hope they will, the old doc from Texas who delivered about a kazillion babies is about to give both of ya'll a spanking. And quite frankly, you both deserve it. Horse is still roaming, puppies still eating and playing. BG is getting more hours which is always a "good thing" as Martha would say. I haven't taken pictures in weeks and I miss it. My camera went missing during some random robbery so I hope they enjoy it and can figure it out better than I could. I'm a total point and shoot kinda girl and that was some old school stuff nostalgia! Several photographers have told me that I have a good eye and my composition is good. I'm shopping. Puppies, people. Who needs a puppy????????

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