Thursday, May 17, 2012

twitchy eye

My right eye has been doing the little jumpy thing for a couple of weeks now so I finally broke down and googled it today only to find that, guess what? It's normally caused by stress. Duh, Poops. I mean it's not like there's been any of THAT shit floating around the lane! Anywho, it was a wake up call of sorts, followed by an emergency call to validate the meds down at you know where. My brother was on the phone outside speaking nicely but firmly to the propane company that put my parents into a very costly contract last July. Their gig is about to be up and he's already got the money coming back applied to a new provider. That wears me out, so I'd just as well do pills. I count them out once a week into the day thingy and mom drops about half of 'em, especially the bitty ones. I asked Ms. Faye to help her and hand them two or three at a time, but mama's dead set on doing it herself so....whaddya do? Pick your battles Janie...pick your battles.

I was privileged to spend yesterday basking in the sun with my sisters and having some well deserved alcohol and chat gossip time. We bitched a little and laughed a lot and in the end there was a plan for the queen to arrive sometime soon and camp out in Duck's living room for rehab and room service. Last I heard the hostess had gotten two hours sleep and served two meals after queenie's late PM arrival. Bless ALL their hearts. I don't volunteer my time much because I'm pretty maxed out, but I sure told them I'd take a shift. Or at least fly for food!

Friendboss's hub is much much better and may get to come home tomorrow if all is well with those critical numbers. His recovery has been nothing short of a miracle combining the best and worst of modern medicine and some very sharp diagnosticians like the lung doc. The other half of our little general, aka Big John, is also doing well with his treatments. Don't ever try to convince this old gal that prayers aren't heard.

I had uninstalled the (unnamed) photo software when the camera went missing so I've just now gotten around to a re-install. Lord how I've missed playing with pictures! All four dogs have been romping outside in the heat so they're sacked out for naps following a water and food break. BG is at work and it's just me and my thoughts. But then again, sometimes you just have to disconnect and let it go and I'm all about less stress. After all, I'm old tired and optimistic thanks to a whole bunch of angels watchin' over me.


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