Thursday, May 10, 2012

walking chick

It's nothing new around here, really. Just another crisis hotline call from BG telling me that the neighbor lady is missing and her family brought her meds and cellphone AND sling and a letter telling her to get off her ass and do something. Oh, and a glass of milk. Which she did, by walking all the way to the chicken store two miles away. To escape. To exercise. To follow a dream of being something other than a victim of society. I feel her pain most of the time. We were worried about her welfare and the little girl was freaking out running around calling for her. Little black cloud following over me! Onto the good news.

Linda Bell has been my mama's friend forever and just loves us to pieces. She has read recently about all the canines up in here who need to be fed even when we don't have a bologna sammich. Yesterday afternoon she showed up with two huge bags of dog food to lighten our load. I love me some rescue people. There's only so much one old gal can do what with dreams and hopes and ambitions of doing a good job at hospice and earning a living. These puppies are the high point of my day, when work has been a bitch and I'm too tired to even talk, they sit beside me while I listen to random music and taptaptap on my mother's keyboard. In a sense, that is her legacy. She was a society editor for a local paper during the heyday of nice and oh-so politically correct southern weddings. She morphed into the food columnist and people are still clamoring for a reprint of her book which I have miserably failed to produce. Been busy, ya know?

I have two ways to get to work...the business route through depressing as hell flooded twice south Dyersburg, or the busy hub that leads toward corporate America including wallyworld and hamburger row, Lowe's and El Patio. There was a huge head on wreck up in that area today and it made me think twice about going to Sonic in the ancient trusty old Camry. My two newest tires are the kind that only go on one way but thanks to Heath I have new lugs and nuts on one of them that needed a brake job last year. OMG. That was my last oil change too! Like I tell my brother..."Hey,I'm a girl."

Keep the faith ^j^

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  1. Okay, I'm a bad blog follower/friend. Things have been crazy here though, not that it's an excuse, but just sayin'

    Sorry for not commenting.

    I have been reading them, but it's usually on the Windows Phone as I'm driving between jobs.

    Hugs and prayers