Monday, April 26, 2010

relative serendipity

Today was one of those where I had to look really REALLY hard for something to say thanks to Big Ernie for. I guess the stars are crossed or the moon is full or some such drama filled cosmic happening. About the only fun part was lunch with my writing team ;) Salsa makes everything better. And a little extra prayer doesn't hurt.

Once again, we were spared the devastation that a Mississippi town endured. If I'm not mistaken, Jerry Clower is from Yazoo City....Our sirens only went off once and it was just heavy rain. That day was spent cleaning and lounging and walkin' the yard in between squalls. Lots of mama BG bonding. That blessing is one I can still say thanks for even in the light of Monday at the sawmill.

WE haven't seen the gator come creeping up our lane lately due to the stormy and cooler weather. I've become accustomed to the sound of my father coming to see what's going on at the house on the hill. Mama loves it :) It's her woman cave time. The extra help thing is going well...a relief for everybody.

There is nothing like staring at a deceased loved one on the fly between lunch and work. Debbie Agee Tatum was an Agee to the bone, just like all the rest of that bunch. Our grandmothers were cousins which probably makes it too much to count but she was still a part of my childhood and lived across the back alley from my great grandmother Ethel. Back in the day, you know. When things were simpler.

In case any of you are considering purchasing a Jitterbug for your elderly loved one, I don't recommend their customer service. My mom returned hers WITH the charger because it wouldn't stay in and it was returned to her without the charger. Their generous offer of a waive on shipping for a new one which costs twenty bucks did not appeal to my present mood. Jesus don't like people who do that kind of business.

"Ya'll keep 'em straight out there" ......HOYT

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  1. Hugs and prayers. I was worrying bout ya'll when those tornadoes struck