Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my father's daughter

I'm the only girl and the oldest in our brood of three. We are all a curious mix of both parents, expressed in oddly familiar ways within our individual relationships. While we have been terribly disappointed and royally pissed off at one another, we remain in touch because of our bond with mom and daddy. It makes me very sad to think about siblings who lose that bond when their parents die, or before. When I was growing up, having little brothers was a pain in the ass, but as I got older I found that they can be mighty handy to have around for a single smartass farmer's daughter. Thanks guys!

I have a new/old couch that sleeps better than my bed so I camped out last night, much to Faith's delight. She had the whole bed to herself! Vet visits are on the agenda soon....I've seen both a tick and a mosquito in the house. No snakes yet, but when I see one you'll hearing me screaming like a girl all the way out there in Oregon. Hate 'em.

Daddy has always had osteoarthritis, as long as I can remember anyway. He used to get gold shots and such and is still on meds for his aging joints. My knee went out the other day, and I've developed a nice big fat case of sciatica from walking funny. Fun times, huh? Mom is stooped over from osteoporosis and can barely walk. She is blind. Yet, they are both aging gratefully for a life well lived with few regrets. Mama talks about them sometimes...her father's early death and her baby brother's wild hairs. For the most part, her memories are good ones of family and friends and a safe neighborhood. She never had a pet though. How sad ;)

There is a line of thunderstorms moving across the big muddy so I think I'll head to the porch to watch it blow in. Something about that just makes me feel spiritual.


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