Saturday, April 10, 2010


That word as a loosely defined term could include any number of experiences during the course of a litetime. Each time one of those milestones is reached and hurdled growth continues toward a little bit wiser self. I remind myself smiling of my couple of attempts to drink whiskey like a grown man and proceed to moan and spin. Didn't take long for me to catch on , ya know? That's why I'm a beer drinking kind of gal who dreams of someday singing like Gretchen. DO NOT laugh :)

This entire past week has been a rite of passage for those of here on the farm. My youngest brother and his family came for a visit. The tractors and buckets and endless fires send up a smoke signal of sorts, marking the ending of the beginning and the middle of the end. Only my baby brother would get that, by the way. He was struck by the changes that have been made since he was last here. It looks different, and in many ways better. So far I haven't heard anybody mention missing a cow...especially bubba. I was struck down savagely by the ebola virus something or other that I've only had one other time in my life and it all came back to me really quick like. BG took care of me, and now she's stuck in Chicago sick herself. Big hugs hon...I feel your pain.

In sawmill news, people continue to come and go, sometimes for a specific reason...sometimes just because it's time. I'm talking not just patients but caregivers. Our company takes the mission of providing community healthcare very seriously, and they have worked hard to repair a somewhat tarnished image here in the 'burg. I pray that the movement forward will continue because the way I see it, bottom line is take care of your own around here when disaster hits.

Ya'll keep on keeping on. It's about all we can do ^j^

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