Saturday, April 24, 2010

dodging the bullet

Today is just what the doctor ordered for us here on the farm. The seeds that were planted by industrious farmers last week are getting a good steady soaking and it's an excellent day to stay inside and piddle. I mean SERIOUS piddling :) Everyone has one eye on the radar as the monster soupy storm system that the NWS has been watching all week slogs it way through Mississipi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Nobody can say they haven't been warned about the potential for this one.

BG and Faith are spooning in her room, dreaming of whatever makes them happy. We have had a tough week in more ways than one, especially the BG. Let's just say we both learned something about life and work. Sometimes it's hard to remember that life is a journey, not a destination. She has taught me more than anyone else in my life to enjoy the ride! My dear cousin and co-worker died early this morning. She and her husband were nurses at the sawmill when I first started there, and we have seen a lot of stuff over thirty something years. Life has been a uphill battle for both of them since the death of their son. Rest in peace Deb ^j^

My "home office" is shaping up with the addition of a couch from my aunt that is the perfect spot to sit and watch a movie on the little TV mom and daddy gave me. The computer is kept busy most days by a job hunting masters' degree seeking BG. At night, she lets me have it to play with pictures and such. Sam has taken over the loveseat so there you go.....everybody has their own spot.

Ya'll watch out for tornadoes and keep the faith.

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