Tuesday, April 13, 2010

remember who you are

I used to spout that at BG and her friends whenever they left the house to see what they could get into. What I meant by that was "okay, i know you're gonna drink and smoke and chase boys but do it with dignity." They usually did, but I'm finding out more and more that went on that I never had a clue about. Sheesh. Since then, I have managed to forget who I am...as a person. The nice laid back persona that got discovered in my thirties has turned into a worn out middle aged single mom. While I once could afford myself the dream of being able to retire and enjoy some golden years, now I just see me working there until I drop and they replace my body with a younger one who will work cheaper. No...I'm not having a pity party either. That's just the laws that govern the workplace. Most people are beginning to see some sort of recovery on their retirement bucks so that the end is once again in sight. My retirement from my second employer can kick in this year and I'm going to take the few bucks I get and have fun with it. Not, like uh....travel fun. But something special for ME every month. I do so hate to not have toys.

My parents are doing well and easing through the transition to more frequent in-home care. My run today consisted of bananas for a week, allergy shot and pill countout. "The ladies" as we call them, will start next week. This should be an interesting experiment, to say the least! Daddy stops by often on the gator and almost scared the bejeebus out of me yesterday when he snuck up behind me in the kitchen while I was doing bills. As he rides around and looks he is remembering what he did to make this farm what it is today. It makes him proud, if I say so myself.

My spring planting is complete, with a tub of basil and some cherry tomatoes. Back in the day I would spend a whole paycheck at the nursery buying crap that dies at the end of the season. You know, like ANNUALS. Duh. I can't wait to see how this 'mater in the concrete block thing goes. We could start a fad or something! Asparagus crop has been pretty light so far with only one good batch and that's promised to a certain group of gourmets known as the wild meat bunch.

While I was down sick I watched "Precious" and like to have died over myself laying there being all pitiful over throwing up and look at what she went through. The evil is out there in soooooooo many places. But you know what? Like my daddy says: " It has always been thus and so."


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