Monday, April 19, 2010

"our" week

Today marked the beginning of not only National Medical Laboratory Week, but a celebration in honor of those who volunteer at the hospital like my family members have done over the years. Daddy nearly tore his thumb off with a stretcher and Mama got bonked on the head with an electric pencil sharpener and there you go. No more volunteering :) They have been faithful with their lives not only at the hospital but all over their church and community, taking food and well wishes to anybody in need. Daddy used to love driving the bus for kids to the Union Mission summer youth camp. Both of them served with me on the board of directors for our local volunteer blood organization. They send cards. They call. And you know what? A whole lot of that love is coming back to them now. That gives me faith that there's a plan, in spite of us and our controlling ways.

BG and I did some serious bonding this weekend involving lots of naps and TV and food. We tried TWICE to watch the movie Brothers and just couldn't deal with the desert violence so we tuned into the Simpsons on more than one occasion just to lighten up. I'm gonna assume the movie has a happy ending and leave it at that. What I don't know won't hurt me.

It's warm.....and very dry for spring. Crops are planted and need the rain to get a little growth spurt. The sometimes on again off again roommate was in the basement and stepped on a snake which he just insisted on putting in a cooler and scaring us girls with. Ya'll know how I feel about that. Send 'em all to Afghanistan and let the taliban hold them hostage.

We're laying low around here, hell bent on some introspection and personal growth with a side of clean house. The name of the game these days is downsize, simplify and pray for some sort of non-partisan sigh of relief that the worst is over for our government. I must say that after what I've seen during the last nine years, it couldn't get a whole lot uglier. Maybe worse, but certainly with more dignity.

Ya'll have a wonderful week and remember to hug a laboratorian or volunteer. We have feelings too ^j^

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  1. That's one movie we haven't seen yet. Not sure if I can watch that one, seems pretty powerful.

    Here's a hug for your "week". And here are the regular hugs and prayers