Thursday, April 1, 2010

last call, second verse

Healthcare and emergency response practitioners tend to band together as a sort of impromptu support group for each other. What we do for a living is tend to the needs of the sick and dying and scared almost to death. When you are in our care, nothing matters except for saving your life or making you feel just a little bit better about things. That includes big hugs for family members in times of crisis and a cool head when all you feel like doing is falling apart because life is just so DAMN unfair at times.

Yesterday there was a final memorial service held in Memphis for the Hospital Wing crew that died last week in a crash. This past weekend was filled with visitations and services for all three, and I can honestly say I have never seen such an outpouring of emotion. These three crew members had worked in emergency medicine for years in different jobs so their paths crossed with many others and the pain was felt collectively all over West Tennessee. This morning, another one of our emergency response team went down, a victim of a massive heart attack who was brought to the very ER where he had transported so many others. The entire place was stunned, with his death coming on the heels of last week's losses.

I kiddingly call my workplace "the sawmill" because sometimes it seems that way...but then most jobs do. The rent goes past due or the baby cries all night and all you want to do is run away and sleep. Burnout is common...i've had a couple of big doses of it but came out of the valley of no return :) Big Ernie reached over and swooped me back up just in time because my job wasn't done. That's all I can figure, and it seems to be the faithful way to think. Many times we get complacent and forget the bottom line. Tomorrow is not promised nor will it ever be. That's why you better say it like you mean it and do it when the spirit moves. Walking the walk, so to speak, is the only way to really experience life. That includes heartache and rough times. I can honestly say that if it weren't for the support of my co-workers, I would have lost my mind many years ago. Well, hell. Maybe I did!!

It is Maundy Thursday which, to me, is a special time. It was then that a tightly knit little group of disciples met for the last time with their leader as true followers. They scattered and lied and did all sorts of vile things, especially that one guy. I can see Christopher Walken playing him in a movie...seriously. I appreciate all of the people I've known and loved ( and sometimes even hated) along my road. They have made my cross much easier to bear.

Keep the faith ^j^

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