Wednesday, April 14, 2010

let's pretend

That is Conner's favorite game, hands down. "Hey..pretend like you're the nurse and I'm the doctor!". Oh I know that one! I can trace my way down the corporate tree right to all the fine print and there are many bosses to whom I answer. Sometimes, that seems kinda hard to keep up with, but I always try to do my best on any given day...Lord willing and somebody doesn't fall. Years ago I would bring work home with me and do it on off time, longing to be the best and brightest in my chosen field. None of that matters anymore. The things that I've learned up in that place are enough drama to keep a writer going until the cows come home. The way I figure it, my ship is about to come in.

It's already hot as hades here and humid too. If you wouldn't mind Big Ernie, let's have some more spring before we jump headfirst into kudzu season. This time last year we were preparing for a trip to the beach where we celebrated BG's graduation and friendship in general. There will be no official vacation this year so I'm celebrating this afternoon as a mini. My feet need work before I hit the pool, and Gigi has hers open. Let the games begin!

I'll share my vacation pics.



  1. we could use a bit of that heat around here. The bulbs in the garden aren't even all open yet. Crazy weather.
    Hugs and prayers

  2. Ayup, sine last August we've had Fall, late Fall, Winter, hard Winter, REALLY hard Winter, Spring, Summer, late Fall, and now late Spring... more Fall this weekend, then some Spring next week.
    My poor garden, it is CONFUSED.

  3. I lost you (your site) and finally found it again!
    I am making a quick trip to Starkville... the daughter is graduating... again.
    Masters in meteorology and then heading on out to Reno for the Phd in something. Anyway, that move is the responsibility of her dad... I already got her from VA to MS.

    I think this year was the worst ever in the south and mid atlantic states for pollen. Ours all came at once... Tuesday night.. nothing. Wednesday morning and for three days... nothing but yellow coating everything. At night in the security camera feed it almost looked like snow flying by the lens.