Thursday, March 14, 2019

walks a mile in my shoes

I reckon a lot of folks thought I had dropped off the face of the earth this past week.  I had problems on top of problems with getting the laptop fixed and internet workable. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a guy who very patiently walked me through a hard reboot of the modem.  Finally I could blog again! This involved holding a toothpick for two full minutes into a tiny little hold while he watched and uploaded and restored the factory specs for said device.  Two minutes is a long time and we had to start over several times when I lost my grip.  I promised him five stars on his survey.

I'm still pretty bummed about the death of John Kilzer.  I think it's because I know addiction up close and personal like he did.  Sweet souls can be overcome by the demons in a heartbeat and his ministry was all about recovery and community.  And the music? It lives on.  

It's sunny and warm.  Thank you very much ^j^

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