Friday, March 15, 2019

back in business

I despise WalMart with everything in my soul and avoid it at all costs.  However, in this little 'burg it's the only place to buy certain things like a cordless mouse.  I was up early to meet Lorna for breakfast at Dave's which was wonderful.  Then we went over to The Mill to visit a bit longer.  She brought me a box full of goodies like Tiger Balm, clothes, and hand made soaps from Ann.  Then I tackled Wallyworld.  It wasn't too bad and I also picked up some new sheets which I desperately needed.  My intention was to go to Kroger but my car headed to the house.  I can do that another time and keep eating whatever's around which ain't much.  I have to be in a certain mood to go grocery shopping and today ain't it.

I haven't walked the lane in quite some time because of the cold but yesterday was warm so I did the deed with the dogs leading the way.  I could tell I'm out of shape but we'll work on that now that it's warm enough.  Looks like we have a string of dry days so that's a plus.  The ground is beyond soaked.

I've lost track of Trump because it's all bullshit which I certainly don't need.  Ditto for the rich people buying their kids' way into Ivy League schools.  As my Daddy would say "It has always been thus and so."  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  

The birds are happily singing to me outside the office window.  They're happy that spring is almost here.  If things go the usual way we will have about two months of nice weather and then go straight into what is known as Tennessee summer which is long, hot and humid.  

Y'all be careful out there ~ Hill Street Blues


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