Tuesday, March 5, 2019

all in a day's work

I had a nice day visiting with old friends and watching daytime TV.  That is a big bonus!  Plus, the sun came out and it warmed up.  Can you say thank you sweetbabyjeebus.  I am sure that there are those among you who see that phrase as blasphemy.  All I can say is, it's my blog and my relationship with Him.  Think what you will.

Another friend called and then dropped by and it was amazing to see him looking much happier than I've seen him in months.  I'm his free therapist, so to speak.  That's another long story which will be in the book that probably will never exist except within this blog.  

The Republicans are lining up like rats jumping off a sinking ship which, in reality, the administration is.  In conversation about healthcare reform today we touched on Medicare for all and I was amazed at the viewpoints and issues involved with all three of us.  I am not a Medicare recipient yet even though I'm retired.  One participant was and the other is a provider struggling with payment issues.  The entire system is a house of cards waiting to fall.  You can trust me.  I spent 40 years there.

Here's the thing.  The basic human right of access to quality healthcare in the richest country of the world is paramount.  So is public education.  The sooner we realize and get to the drawing board for solutions, the closer we are to a happier and healthier population.  

A lot of Methodist churches are defying the rules of the General Conference and doing their own thing.  I admire these folks for not rolling over on such an important issue.  My current writing assignment features West TN musicians and I have spent a month chasing John Kilzer who is not only a musician but a Methodist minister.  Lew Jetton is in the mix along with Gary Hager, Tommy Cathey and Tony Burriss.  If I'm feeling froggy I'll move toward Nashvegas in scope.  Last but not least will be a band that has morphed over the years featuring Gregg Rivers and Bill Dagget.  

Gotta' go work on my Gaga eyeroll ;)  

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