Monday, March 18, 2019

in the zone

I have candles burning today in memory of the ministry and talent of John Kilzer.  His memorial service was held today at the beloved St John's in midtown Memphis.  I never met him personally but felt like I did through the years.  Watching him recover from addiction and establish a ministry with a mission, I became a prayer partner so to speak.  My prayer is that someone who was touched by him will step up and continue The Way.

I love to grill but haven't had one in years so I hit up Lowe's this morning and got one on sale.  It's little but all I need.  It's a little too windy to try it out today but we shall grill eventually!  At the shady 'gentral I picked up charcoal, matches and flip flops.  Bring on spring!!

I believe that each of us is a child of God and were given gifts.  Putting faith in action requires getting out of the box and meeting people where they are, not just at the house of worship. Say bless your heart when some random clerk looks tired.  Hug the next person who looks like they need one because you KNOW you do.  Always be courteous and say thank you.  That sounds like a lot huh?  Not really.

Forge relationships that feed your soul.  Sing and dance and make merry.  And always remember that no matter what bad stuff you did, it is forgiven ^j^ 

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