Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'tis the season..

We sat, my mother and I, in our rockers in the den enjoying the quiet after our storm.  She has always been one to do Christmas....or ANY holiday for that matter, up like the special day that it is.  We had sugar cookies as kids decorated by hand for every kid in the class and she made us help! was fun.  Even after I became an adult, she could never quite understand why everybody doesn't just lay on the couch, watch the fire and enjoy the tree.  To her, it is a magical time when anything is possible.  I remember one year specifically that it snowed and my daddy went outside to make sleigh tracks for us to find.  Amazing stuff when you're not quite sure you  believe anymore.

I hauled down most of what was in the room that even looked like it had a red or green spot on it, and then we rested and chatted about what we had accomplished.  "It's only the first day of December, you know"  she said to me.  "Yes ma'am" was my reply.  We don't get to talk much what with daddy all up in the picture so I treasure the quiet times that it happens.  Her wisdom and unwavering faith give ME personally, a reason to believe.  Not just in Santa Claus or fairies or the Easter bunny.  I believe that if you live a good life and pay things forward, karma will always come back around and getcha'.  She gave me Oscar's adoption fee as an early gift, and I trekked back up the hill with her old silk tree in the back seat.  It will be beautiful when decorated with my favorite ornaments, some of which were handed down from her, just like the magic of advent.

I believe ^j^


  1. Thank you Janie for sharing this story! Makes me miss my Mom and Dad so- he loved Christmas and she "did it right" for him and of course us! Enjoying memories through your writings!

  2. We are who they were, most times. You come from good stock Miss Janie.

  3. Wow, that is so wonderful. I feel blessed just sharing in your words. Keep the faith. Hugs and prayers

  4. Love this, from top to bottom. <3