Sunday, December 19, 2010

a very poopie christmas

Okay, ya''s the deal.  My parents are elderly and trying to make sense of all that comes with aging.  My daughter and I are, in partnership with my brother, keeping the boat floatin', so to speak.  We are part of the home health team that gives them the opportunity to stay in our homeplace which is a red log cabin across the road from from Son Johnson's spread.  My brothers and I waded through the muddy backwater of the Forked Deer back before the corp dredged and channeled it.  It's all been good until the hundred year flood with the headwater hit.

These days, I don't pretend to have many of the answers because I am frankly bewildered about what's up in our world.  We have abused it, no doubt.  The silent pleas of my generation to "keep it green" have taken hold of our kids giving them a stubborn resolution to leave the world a better place because of the space they took up and the experiences they've had.  Generation X is our last hope to find some sort of method to the madness, and that scares the shit out of me sometimes.  But not often.  I believe that my beliefs have made a difference in the lives of a whole bunch of newbies in the adult world, and I wouldn't take a do-over if the price was 1.85 trillion in the currency of whatever bank holds the note right now.

I hope that each and every one of us experiences a miracle during this holy season because believing is what it's all about.  Not just in baby jesus and the wise guys but something that is much broader in scope...sort of like world peace.  That can only happen with an attitude of tolerance.  Last time I looked, that wasn't very common.  I guess you can blame that on the era in which I grew up because the war in Vietnam was raging and everybody was really pissed about the way our soldiers came home all geeked out over trudging through the jungle with agent orange and heroin to take the edge off.  I feel sure all their mamas missed 'em on Christmas and their birthdays.

It is exactly T-5 days and counting until Santa comes and I still haven't managed to get the house clean.  There's a tree and some decorations but that's as far as I've gotten.  Let's just call it a stress free hannakahwanza with a side of the jolly old elf and his flying reindeer.  Hug your family and the dogs.  Give everybody some sort of treat.  After's the day before the day before the winter solstice and full lunar eclipse!  That can only mean one thing, for sure.

Spring is on the way.

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  1. Faith is believing, even when the believin' is hard.
    C'mon SPRING