Monday, December 6, 2010

life therapy and neutered dogs

Oscar got snipped today and the discharge orders were something along the lines of "limited activity".  Which is impossible for a young terrier with a rowdy Sam around, if you know what I mean.  I reckon I'll just let 'em play and medicate the poor baby wild thang before bed.  Which will come early, by the way.

There is a lot going on around here emotionally and it's not all bad.  As a family, we are drawing together to remember our last times together as we know it.  Any of you who have gone through it know that nothing will get the snot slinging and boo-hooing going on faster than going through old stuff and sorting out the trash.  When I left that attic room, it was empty except for letters, papers and pictures.  That will come later.

I haven't heard anything about the photo contest.  It's usually in the local paper who the winners are.  I imagine that my propane guy (bless his HUGE heart) would like for me to win so he can have some money for keeping me and the dogs warm.  Uh...and the dentist too.  I've got this almost flat tire that I air up every other day and so far I've only had to ask for a ride to work one time.  My luck will probably run out now that it's cold.

The chat at the sawmill turned to gift buying and wrapping today and I wasn't the only one who hasn't bought anything, much less pretended to wrap.  I will just give all my special people a big hug and tell them I love 'em.  Maybe make some cookies or something.  You never know around here.


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  1. Cowboys ain't all men, since it's more of a spirit thing, don't ya know... and you Miss Janie, are a cowboy. You 'cowboy up', climb back on the hoss and ride on.