Thursday, December 9, 2010

deck the halls

Most of the stuff that I dragged down from mama's storage room to her dining room table got sorted through and returned upstairs, with a bit more order.  Fine with me.....we'll do it next year.  I remember distinctly when I began the de-cluttering of this old house and I burned several fires off of old wrapping paper and boxes with mouse turds in 'em.  Oh...and rabbit feed bags.  WTF?  I guess Mr. Council raised bunnies up there or something.  There is one sheetrocked room that belonged to their son back in the day but there's no power to it and it's so hot or cold up there you can't stand it for long.  Ancient fiberglass insulation strips hang wickedly from the high beamed ceiling in the center.  Very little is left there now except for china and toys.  Yes...I was THAT serious.

After that I began on the basement and that took about five years to get all the mud and crap out.  The dryer vents down there so you can just imagine what it looks like at night.  Scary!  Back in the day BG and her friends partied down there, discovering puberty and obnoxious behavior.  Go figure that MY house was the one they always picked.  At least I had a place to put 'em.  One guy had to have stitches in his head after whacking it on the entrance to her room from the basement.  Fun times, huh Moody?

I picked my parents up this afternoon and went to the funeral home for the umpteenth time this year.  I can personally tell you that nothing will make a girl sadder than seeing her mama cry over her dear departed friend's casket.  Nothing.  There is something oddly comforting about funerals around Christmas to me because they are so "out of character" with the season what with the sadness and all when we're all excited about new life in the stable.  In a way, I suppose that's what it's all about.  Even when we're sad about leaving the earthly life, there's always hope that we'll meet again.  Like on the road to Emmaus or that room with many mansions.

Peace out ya'll.  If anybody shoots any mistletoe, send me some.  I'll pay you with a chocolate cake.

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