Friday, December 17, 2010

driving miss janice

My mama quit driving about five years ago, and that's when she lost her independence, so to speak.  From that point on she was dependent on daddy or one of us for a ride.  She had totaled three vehicles because she couldn't see oncoming traffic at the busy intersections from home to town.  A couple of years later, my daddy did the same thing in a six month old truck.  That was the end of life as they knew it.

After that we formed a little carpool thingy where we can get them to doctor's appointments and church and such.  Their friends still come all the way out here to pick them up for lunch and or chiropractic visits.  When they first got help up in the house, there were two very lively ladies that sang and even danced with Daddy.  They didn't come very often, but when they did it was an event.  My friend had just bought a restaurant up the road and he began delivering lunch to them every day because he's that kind of guy.  When the restaurant closed and the ladies quit, it was time for Plan Fay.

Fay is a friend of Aunt Bea's ( yeah, for real )  who cooked at the restaurant.  She is a warm loving soul from the old school where precious people like Mama are appreciated as the breath of fresh air that they are.  She still drives, so she can help with transportation, cleaning and meals.  In other words, she is the ONLY thing keeping them at home right now, and she's loving every minute of it.  Angel stuff.....that's Miss Fay.  BG and the critters have moved back to the lane temporarily while we all try to work through it.  The other day when Mama was so weepy, she talked about losing this farm as a place for us to call home.  I feel really blessed to have been here for 55 years, and I'm going on faith that it will be the way Big Ernie intends, without my help.

One week 'til Christmas.  Ya'll better be good ^j^


  1. Thank God and all that is good for the people that come into our lives when we need them. He knows what we need and we have to trust that it will work out.
    Hugs and prayers