Saturday, December 4, 2010

i'll be home for christmas

I sit here deliberately typing my thoughts with the sound of a home cooked by BG meal and I can hardly believe my luck.  This chick has watched enough food channel to cook for all the president's men on a moment's notice.  That's the way we roll in our respective kitchens.  Mama  is our inspiration, with a side of Paula Deen and Hell's Kitchen.  We enjoy blending things and seeing what this or that herb will add to a dish.  There are certain staples which we find almost impossible to deal with so the staples list looks like this:  pasta, rice, veggies, olive oil, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, salted butter, half and half, eggs, bread, italian seasoning, fresh garlic and onion, bread crumbs, fresh chicken or fish, asparagus, when in season of course.  Lemon juice and chives.  Salad dressing.  Filtered water or fruit tea :)  A bite of something sweet and brush ya'lls teeth.

When I went down to check on the grands this morning and count pills, they were doing their usual thing with Bonanza and the clock.  Mama and me cried a lot....about family concerns and worries.  An hour upstairs turned into an almost empty attic room where my baby brother lived, back in the day.  That's where the big attic fan was when we were kids.  There's a bunch of empty boxes to burn and a few cherished family heirlooms to share before it's all said and done.

I feel sorry for people who are expecting kids right now because the world isn't the peaceful place it was when I was little.  Back then, most businesses were family owned and operated and nobody knew China other than that place on the other side of the world where they work cheap.  American workers took the union route and essentially pissed off good jobs with a decent wage just to have a paid advocate.  I think that's called lobbying, but I could be wrong.  The sometimers' strikes a bit more often these days, but I still hold true to my core values and beliefs.  Big Ernie is good and Noah had the right idea.

Happy holidays, ya'll.  Keep the faith ^j^


  1. Life, it IS a changin', and that's a fact.

  2. Yup, it's definitely not the peaceful place it used to be.