Wednesday, September 4, 2013

you is is smart

Sometimes when things get particularly stressful for me I have to remind myself of how hard other people work to enjoy even half the life that I have been blessed with. Even though I am broke as a pauper right now, there were times when I had money and didn't use it wisely choosing instead to go ass deep in debt for two vehicles and lots of clothes. I can honestly say the only new item of clothing that I've bought this was scrubs because I have to have them and it was beginning to look like Omar the Tentmaker had dressed me. I've lost about 30-35 pounds over two years and I'm glad it happened because my joints are about to give out..especially on the right side. If I could find a pro-bono chiropractor I'd be in heaven.

I've come to terms with a lot of things lately not the least of which is that I play the martyr very well. I got that from my mama of course, the crying and sobbing and wailing like a banshee ugly cry because "i'm just tired". When I was in therapy at 32, I cried every single day for two years. The day that it didn't happen, I almost missed it. Same for the SRUI. I cocked my head, looked around and said "so this is what normal feels like". Not sad or angry all the time...not on cloud nine except on the very rare exception of a joyous event or a really funny movie. BG is watching Patch Adams before we return the 2nd load of movies. Their press broke again so there was some traveling to Missouri to get the paper out. Daddy was livid because it's usually in his box by 8AM when he gets up. Don't wanna' mess with that schedule, ya'll.

My attic is empty except for boxes and a few old papers and a stuffed crappie, of all things. My ex caught it at KY lake and had it done up to perch in our living room. My sense of style almost died while it was there. I left it for a respectable length of time and then hid the fish in a closet. We just hauled one of the few antique furniture pieces up the steps to BGs room for cleaning and I'm jamming to Michael McDonald so there you go. Sounds like a recipe for chair dancing!


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