Monday, September 30, 2013

the bitch is back

As it turns out ATT didn't cut my service on the day of my payment arrangement though I couldn't get online at all that afternoon so it had to wait until today. Imagine my bemusement when, after remembering the furniture moving, deduced that the cord was laying draped across the room. Actually if was hanging in the floor. Anyways, that prompted me to make a payment to keep things going for a little while. That little break gave me the opportunity to watch three movies back to back in the dark cavern of the TV/babygirl's room. There is more room up front now with those pieces gone and I can clean the floors as stuff moves out. Can you tell I'm serious?

I stopped by the place today where I really try not to go and this hoot of a girl was talking about meteor showers over in OK and her husband said he night need to buy a gun. I was all like "so is he gonna SHOOT the meteors?" She and her co-worker kind of remind me of Stephanie and Lula's office staff. Lots of tatoos and a real way with people who need money. They're more expensive, but easier to transact with. Hopefully this will be a short term dry spell what with several deposits coming in this week. I mean when the shit hit the fan it went freakin' everywhere!

Like more Americans I'm a bit leery of a government shutdown but then I figure it might save some money if we call off the war on drugs pot which has been voted legal in numerous states and costs the country millions to incarcerate non-violent offenders. Users are at the mercy of both dealers and the law as they fight over something that would be easily regulated and taxed if declared federally legal. But of course that's job security for the DEA and FSA and TSA and everybody else. As for you asshat tea party gospel preacher wannabes' I have this to say on the evening of one of the most important decisions in our country's history. If you can, in good conscience, support killing people for their crimes yet go ape shit over abortion, you are not pro-life. You are "I want it all to be my way!" Oh and by the way? The horse you rode in on too. Your mama is ashamed, do you hear me!! Just because YOUR mama doesn't need federal aid doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot more who do. Hide and watch at what happens when the VA benefits stop. With all these PTSD mofos wandering around thinking about who the hell knows what. It was evil, wrong and marked an entire decade of blind political manipulation for personal gain. Trust me, if I ever really do climb the water tower, Cheney better watch out. *waves at the TSA*

Otherwise, life is just peachy as usual here on the lane. The cat is on a rampage because we ran out of dry food two days ago and she doesn't like the canned stuff. Weird, right? I thought all of 'em like mystery meat. BG is gone to get kibble, Boogers and a movie plus dinner. Not sure in what order because well, you know. My thoughts are becoming more focused as the days pass, considering what time I have left as a productive person and how I will support myself without just dying on the vine. The whole Sugardaddy thing just hasn't worked out and I'm faithful and all but not Pollyanna, ya know? Not in the 'burg, dear.

Happy Monday to you and yours ^j^

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