Wednesday, September 11, 2013

rollin' pennies and selling cans

If you've never been broke enough in your life to do that, move along because you won't even begin to understand from whence I come right now. Ramen noodles as dog food, um hmm. They like it....tastes like chicken! We have some food but it's kind of touch and go until we get this whole financial thing under control and it's past time to focus. Actually, it's a very doable thing with our incomes and having an 's on that is music to my ears. My cousin Debbie explained the snowball financial equation to me many years ago when I first got hit. Bankruptcy was easy and affordable and most every company that took a loss deserved it because of predatory lending practices that began with plastic and spread to megagiant banks. As I recall, the failure of these huge lenders and the beginning of our country's decline began after the CEOS got busted and took off with the buyout money to witness protection. But their clones are in place and it's never ending.

Our country is in such financial ruin, NOT solely because of the deficit, but because we jump into wars and spend 8 kajillion dollars on weapons. This, and you're cutting education and feeding programs? Where is the justice in that. I'm not a total wimp about war and if I felt that we were in immediate danger within our own borders ( which is true, by the way) I'd be all for it and probably even join the militia. But I've seen too much and the bad guys usually win, especially on home turf. All the while Mexico dumps their jails on us just like Castro did with Cuba. My daddy was a pest control inspector and he went to Miami to meet these "boat people." Bizarre.
A large chunk of the drug trade from Mexico is for marijuana and even though we have several states who have opened the door to legalization, only lately have the powers that be backed off and allowed states to make choices based on voter response. There's a whole heckuva lot of money in that industry, as evidenced by 8 seasons of Weeds. Making it illegal is a big money maker for big Ike type law enforcement like the DEA. Here in the south it has always been a hoot to see some deputy with huge stalks of weed laid out for the front page of the paper. You could tell when an election was coming up, for sure.

It's still hot and that makes me pretty dang cranky plus it's hard to breathe with the epizootie. If I make it through this harvest without dying of the crud. Anyway, I've gotten down to the nitty gritty with this selling thing and continue to organize as I pull. Baskets are wonderful things!!

Over and out from the lane ^j^

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