Thursday, September 5, 2013

epizootie redux

Just as I expected the readership on this blog has gone down the tubes since I quit slapping it up on "social media" but that's okay. It means a lot more if somebody makes the effort outside of being a FB addict to seek out stories. I had about five good days following my visit to the nurse practitioner for emergency decadron and when the pills ran out things were on the way down south again. I swear it started over again...that cycle of stomach upset and disturbing upper respiratory symptoms.

The air is thick with change as autumn approaches but the heat is still on. All the green stuff is dying and soon it will be winter where we long for the first days of spring, always wanting what will be rather than enjoying the moment. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm over that. Approaching 58 finds me pretty humble but much wiser for the lessons that have been handed to me during the past year. We had a kinda' sorta' roommate last year at birthday time and that was the beginning of a long tense spell for all involved. Faith died in November and her daddy got pulled over by the K-9 freakin' county unit when he drove out here to help me bury her. Dude dug dirt for two days and then came back with knockout roses. That's some true love.

Christmas was a disaster with the grands because there was money exchanged given and tempers were high when we made our visit on Christmas eve. Since we had no gifts I proceeded to clean off the beloved sticky counter that they eat on day in and day out. Well, him anyway. Mama pretty much likes to eat in her recliner now and I say "go girl". His reaction was like gas on a fire...heated and explosive because I touched his precious stuff. There were tears and we left early. One I choose to forget. The best one ever I remember was about 4 years ago when we actually went OUT for the holiday and enjoyed each others'company.

And then in late January? my cousin Debbie died and that was the straw that broke this camel's back. She and her sister are my own sisters and we were all though not really surprised, terribly sad. Grief work is done ahead of time of after, according to how the world twirls. I feel fortunate to be living it out loud with my parents.

Big hugs...just because I need one ^j^

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  1. If it matters any, I never click through to a blog via FB. So, there's that. ;-)