Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the mailman

Since today is a national holiday he was off and I happened to run into him at the dock all looking hot in his cowboy hat. Normally he's out in the van delivering the US mail to the only residents left on Pecan Lane which include me, four dogs one bitch cat and a babygirl. Not real sure what he was there for but I grabbed my beer and went home. There is a new Mike up in there and he didn't have any girl help today that I saw. He and Money Mike are from the same village in India and he's kinda' slow on the register. They prolly' all miss Jelly. His new store is called Vape'n'Smoke which is probably better than spending your whole check on cigs. As Nancy said "Tobacco?" Let's do some edibles and get out of the barns of Kentucky and North Carolina. Times change and terms expire.

Here's the thing about the TN lottery. I've heard enough whoo'hoos in those stores to make a girl sick and have seen very little return on that investment in terms of education. A junior college opportunity looks good at this point unless you count on it for an opportunity to get a good job. There are NO jobs other than entry level at minimum wage. The sad thing is that it takes two of those to make do. The really cool thing about blogfairy is the she's totally random and believes in miracles like me. I guess I got greedy when she showed up and everybody knows Jesus don't like that. Or Buddha either. It's all good. Big Ernie loves us each and everyone.

I delivered mama's wheelchair and walker today in the ancient Camry only to get outed on stealing the sliced pork loin and honey buns from their freezer. Corporate wants their heirlooms for the museum so I reckon I'll pack em' all up and put them in the shack. No seriously cute chair though. That's got Ryder's teethmarks on the arm and will go where I do. They can take it out of my 26 years of rent to live in paradise. Don't own? Can't defend. Work was a nice break for a change and not so busy. Everybody had time to shop the jewelry sale and enjoy not being slammed for a change. It was an extremely rare day that I enjoyed and I totally look forward to sleeping in.

Peace out ^j^

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