Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I was loving still being in the bed when it got light this morning, but didn't last much longer because I had lots of shit to do things to accomplish. First of all I had to sheepishly return the pork loin to the freezer while daddy waited for Mary Beth on TV and then something else and then lunch with the boys. He growled at me when I asked if I could have one of those 8 six packs of toilet paper and I took it anyway. Geez man. No wonder Mom has nerves on edge 24/7. She got her hair did at the home yesterday and looked like her old self. There was an admission and care plan meeting combined which was nice of them to arrange knowing that I am off not.too.often. Maybe tomorrow can be Poopie day.

Everybody's all doing their Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays and all I can think about is scraping up enough to pay propane guy off and buy ahead. It's about to be like REALLY cold for a long time. It's a tough decision when it comes down to either cooking or running the central heat. I like not having the forced air much anyway...much better healthwise. It's about to look like a gypsy camp up in here again. I ran into a friend's sister today and she reminded me that I wasn't the only one who got hurt during the freak March ice storm. Angie shattered her leg and had two surgeries but will still never walk the same. Just bless all our hearts. I see tiny bits of progress and honestly? I'm so used to being slammed on a daily basis that I can appreciate random rays of sunlight.

As I was wandering through the dining hall communion was being delivered by a volunteer with Bellevue in the background on the big screen. The United Methodist in me quickly tried to remember if it was first Sunday! For all of my prideful moments of thinking that my way is always right, I have just as many humble ones when I just don't want to be in charge of anything but myself. If it's a stressful thing, it needs to be put back a notch and allow some time for spiritual recharging. I now have on my "altar" another Lowell H cow plate, this one with a winter scene. My mother had it filed in the drawer next to gaudy Christmas sweaters. For her to be such an freak organizer, I can't understand how I turned out to be the polar opposite. My baby brother is the same way, like a kid chasing butterflies most of the time. Middle child is all business.

My ethereal friend and I had a lengthy phone conference yesterday which helped to solidify my list of priorities at the moment. I have a business project with the potential to make decent money not just for my family but for the community. Mama told me today she wants to "see" the book before she dies. Yes m'am. If I don't die first.

Happy huuuuump day from Pecan Lane.

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