Saturday, November 8, 2014

sharing the love

Yesterday was another challenge with mama's transition and it took the whole village to talk her out of wheeling that chair like a bat out of hell toward home. As it turned out, she thought she was in Memphis and was gonna' have to travel there three times a week for therapy. I have a clue or two of what that's about, and also the hallucination on her hospital room wall of Curry Funeral Home as a restaurant. Oh, and then her friend's funeral procession. She called Daddy at three AM to help her to the bathroom thinking she was at home. That was AFTER she hung up on me for telling her to hit the call button. At that point I was too tired to care and popped a couple of benadryl expecting to sleep in but NOOOOOOOOO!

Boogs spent the night and woke me and TT up about 6:30 wailing that pitiful cry that comes with being almost two and spoiled rotten teething. I took that opportunity to cut and run to see how mama was and was amazed at the difference Ativan can make. All of the moving around and transferring of the past three months have taken a toll on her mind which is rippling outward until she figures she's there for awhile. After that I went pickin' in the attic of the companion house on our lane and found nothing much but a beautiful view and a lot of trash with maybe one or two pieces that could be usable for DIY. There are holes in the attic floor which quickly became evident as I cleared a path. There's crap up there from one renter who left 20 years ago.

After that Juanita brought Miss Mary out to meet our mayor Mozella and they compared ages...96 and 92, husbands and lives in the space of 30 minutes. Make new friends, but keep the old as the old Girl Scout song went. I remembering seeing Earl dying of pancreatic cancer there and it wasn't pretty but they were together. She ended up calling for my former EMS brother to send an ambulance and she got two of 'em! Miss Mary loves me like her own and my favorite thing of today is the picture of her four year old self at the Chicago peony market surrounded by blooms.

Y'all help me to lift up and I will do the same for everybody else. Keep the faith ^j^

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