Wednesday, November 19, 2014

self care

Out of the blue and with finely honed ESP from the cosmos, my friend called from DC this afternoon where she's lobbying with Beyond Pesticides. Today has been pretty "tense" so I was already a blubbering mess when she called to see if I made it to the lawyer's office during lunch. Um, nope. Too busy saving lives and whatnot. Our house got full in a hurry again thanks to everybody being sick as a dog because it's only November with leaves on the ground and there's snow on 'em. Plus, some of us have no propane and sleep with dogs to keep warm. Just saying. BG has a broken tailbone due to a nasty fall from pushing a dolly loaded with frozen food in and out on a greasy floor. Plus there's the whatever the hell that is she needs steroids for. Sometimes life ain't fair and I'm proud of her for putting on the big girl panties. Her daddy is very sick and having surgery soon so y'all lift him up to Big Ernie and her too because each other is all they've got on that branch of the family tree.

I got out for some air today and noticed this girl all cuddled up with her tiny dog that she adopted from somebody just this morning, sitting in the sun outside. We visited and she told me this was their first day together. Then BG told me the asshat pedophile wouldn't release his dog for adoption so he had to be put down. There's a special place in hell for that kind of person and there ain't no dogs or any mercy. Just the cold hard ground. I've often wondered about what it's like to die like a demon. I figure it's all melty and shit.

Besides the chick with the dog I've had a couple of other blessings that included chats with my brother and landlord about what's on our plate at the moment. As we all know, it's kind of like a seven layer salad and he has experience and connections that I lack. This too will change when the spirit works and I get off of my ass and on down the road. More later. Looks like I'm working every shift I can get in the near future so y'all know where to find me. Leave a message at the beep.


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