Monday, November 10, 2014

tell your story wisely

One of the things I learned in therapy is that family secrets don't stay hidden very long, in spite of hushed tones and little white lies. Everybody has, at one time in their life, done something absolutely stupid for no other reason than that they could. That one things leads to another and before you know it there's a full blown circus going on with no ringmaster. You might as well lay it all out on the table when the time is right and ask for forgiveness because it's a helluva' lot easier than asking for permission. Shit happens.

About mid-day I started feeling wonky and it got busy and I had a list of appointments a mile long after work but as it turned out all of it went in another direction and I'm glad because i feel umm, flu-like. Now I had my shot and I so trust big pharm to get the strain thing right this year after EVERY freaking body got it and they said oops. Medicine is not an exact science or baby jeebus y'all. Clinicians are human and make mistakes just like everybody else. In my well educated position as a healthcare provider, personal injury lawyers are right up there with big pharm as the reason that we struggle with the system today. Men and women who love the practice of medicine have been forced out of business by the price of malpractice premiums. There is a difference between making an honest mistake and being negligent. Do no harm has gotten lost in the entire concept of CYA.

Golden is the word to describe my view from the office window. The huge maple out front is on fire with yellow and gold and the one I don't know what it is has turned red. It's about to be winter in a hurry, not for the long haul but definitely for a few days. And you know what? It's time because it's almost Thanksgiving. I'm so tired I could probably fall asleep in this chair but my life is filled with blessings beyond belief simply because I have lived humbly most of the time and with a do no harm attitude. The only times in my life where I felt separated from my god were when I put other things before spirituality. Once you believe, everything falls into place as Big Ernie intended. Daddy is doing okay or I would have gotten ten phone calls. He's obedient about checking in when he leaves with a buddy. Ms Faye keeps him fed and picks up after him. Her job is about to become a piece of cake!

The house seems kind of empty without Mama barking orders from her recliner but it's not a bad thing. One of my to-do things this afternoon was to meet a buddy at the cemetery where he was burying his own mother, an old time bestie of both my parents. Sorry Doug...I didn't make it but you were in my thoughts. His father Neil was a prison warden and died at a young age from a massive heart attack.

So, no class today either due to everybody is chasing their tail and trying to make a living plus having sick mamas and stuff. Sometimes life ain't fair, but it is what it is. We just gotta' keep the faith ^j^

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