Sunday, September 30, 2018

the word

I haven't made it to church in the past few weeks.  This morning I decided to have church at my desk and looked up the scriptures from today's lectionary.  There were several but one verse in particular caught my interest.  In Mark 9:38 John started whining about other believers outside the little band of disciples.  This was usual for them as they each wanted to be the greatest because of all the good things Jesus was doing...the miracles and what not.  The Lord's response was epic:  verse 40. "Whoever is not against us is for us."  Let that sink in a minute.  We are like those early disciples many times...on a power trip.  In light of the division in this country, it rang true with me.  At this point in time, it is hard to know exactly who is against us.  We have a POTUS led by greedy Republicans who thought we were stupid enough to let the Kavanauh a quick entry.  This hearing was scheduled less than 24 hours after the Senate received thousands of pages of documents to review.  There was protesting and at times you could barely hear the speakers.  Wife and kids sat proudly next to their hero.  I cannot imagine, knowing that it would be that way, a husband or father wanting his family to be witness to the drama.  Time and time again senators asked for an extended investigation and more time and were told by old man Grassley they were out of order.  He finally gave up when Cory Booker ripped him a new one.  

It wouldn't surprise me at all that all this drama with the sexual exploitation is a diversion from what's really going on with Mueller v Trump.  There are millions of people waiting for the shoe to drop.  If justice is not served in these cases, I give up on humanity.  I will lose a large part of my faith in this country.  The fact that there is so much activism going on is a sign of an unstable population with real issues.  Climate change is denied.  Elections are rigged.  Deals are made.  It's all about the big money.  

I remember distinctly when Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct and behaved like a gentleman.  This was during the time that all the GOP dirt was rolling out and in my heart, I believe he was targeted because of his political position.  We have much bigger fish to fry here.  I purposely limit my news viewing to a few sources that I trust.  I don't read newspapers.  I get just enough of it to know the highlights then I go watch Longmire.  I'm in love with Ferg!

If we don't stick together, we are doomed.  Arguing about trivial things like this past week is nothing but a time waster.  There was a thread a mile long on my page from a someone wanting to argue about sexual abuse victims coming out later.  There were two unfriended over that.  The list grows smaller by the day.  I noticed that an old friend has himself set to exit FB which is a good idea.  He's the kind who gets all stirred up along a straight political line and that ain't good for your health.  Enjoy that red and the view buddy.  Life is short.

If you are not against me, you are with me ^j^


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