Thursday, September 27, 2018

break time

There is this sweet little couple that comes to the chicken store every day for what they call "break time."  I  usually pass then on the way to the beer cave and share the latest Reaves picture.  They are sweet as pie.  Both are retired and that's just their outing of the day.  You never know who you're going to run into up there.  

Speaking of Reaves, Lauren just called and said that they BOTH have strep and have been treated.  Erica posted a picture of one pitiful baby girl looking mighty sick.  Lauren said she could feel the heat radiating off her last night.  At first she passed it off as side effects of the vaccinations but something told her to look further.  By the time they got to the pediatrician Lauren was showing symptoms too so they headed over to her provider to get HER treatment.  Those little POC testing kits come in mighty handy because it takes 24 hours to grow out a culture with an A disc.  Once a med tech, always a med tech.

Once upon a time, we had a pediatrician on staff who demanded that all negative kit test results be followed up with a culture.  I can name maybe twice that those tests missed a positive. I never understood why we did that because they're always treated by the doctor as if they have it.  Just like a lot of practicing medicine it's CYA.  Plus $$.  

I slept until 11 today and it felt like heaven.  It's like I can never get enough and yes I'm taking my antidepressant.  I think it's just the years of wear and tear and stress telling me to rest.  Thanks to some CBD therapy, I'm able to do just that.  I swear by it.  I had run out until Lorna gave me some and was waking up many times during the night with joint pain.  After a week back on, it's gone.  It's becoming a booming industry so I would advise newbies to use a reputable supplier.  FAB CBD offers excellent customer service that includes counseling on dosage, etc.  

Bubba and I have a date tomorrow with a guy from Michigan whose grandfather worked here during the heyday.  We're taking him on a tour of the farm.  Just talked to Patsye about reunion prep because it's two weeks away.  She has the cutest little place out in the country that is perfect for a bonfire.  I would offer my house but Lord have mercy.  You can't walk through here.  

Peace out people ~

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