Thursday, September 13, 2018

retail therapy

Lorna was my wake up call this morning and we threw together plans for an early lunch.  Wanting something different, we chose Coby Jo's diner on Forrest Street and man was it good.  We'll see each other again on Saturday at The Mill for an interview with the quilt ladies and a very special presentation.  That's my kind of feel good story.  

In not so great news that, following a phone tip, local law enforcement found a decomposed body hanging from a bridge.  O.M.G.  Everybody has a theory and most of them are talking about a man who went missing on Father's Day which I didn't even know about.  We shall see what the coroner discovers.  I suspect that it has not been hanging there the whole time but was moved to make it look like a suicide.  If not, nobody's paying much attention when they drive over that bridge.  I mean seriously y'all.

Florence is headed our way so thoughts and prayers for all you folks on the East coast and especially inland.  On a timely note I read today that Trump took 10M in funding from FEMA to finance ICE.  Jesus.H.  He has come completely unglued.  Those folks in PR are still struggling a year later.  

I've been a writer my entire life but have always done it for fun.  I actually got some money today for writing and that validates me in a way I can't describe.  The style is somewhat different from bloggin and I'm learning but it's a challenge that I enjoy.

While I was a lunch I saw a Budweiser delivery guy wearing a Michelob Ultra t shirt and I just HAD to ask how to get one because I'm kinda' sorta' their poster girl.  He told me to go to the distributor and free.  Just my luck,  they were out but he told me to come back next week.  On order.  Check and check.  

JC Penney is known for fantastic sales and they have a big sale on infant clothes by Carter so I picked out several things for Reaves.  She will soon be a party animal!  I activated Ellie's microchip today so she's officially mine.  She's taken a liking to the litter box which is gross but whatever.  I just look the other way.  

The plumbers got things running yesterday but said that old toilet needs to go.  Good luck with that guys.  They crawled all over every level of this house and brought me a snakeskin from the basement.  How niiiice.  I tipped 'em well and threatened their lives if anybody fell off the roof and tried to sue me.  Good old hard working boys.  I love it.  

Ellie has spotted today's golfers so she's barking up a storm.  Nobody will come NEAR this house without my canine alarm going off.  

Love ya....mean it ^j^

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