Wednesday, September 12, 2018

chores galore

I don't have a dishwasher except for my two little hands.  Thus, I end up when things get busy with a counter and sink full of dishes.  I literally had not one clean glass so I was forced to take action today.  Top on my list of purchases are paper plates and Solo cups.  This is why I rarely cook even though I enjoy it and, to be honest, am damn good at it.  I recently got some letters of recommendation for job hunting and one of them after praising my character and reliability and passion, said "and she's a good cook."  I love it. This was from the guy who gets the annual Christmas triple fudge cake.  With holly on top, of course.

My dear friend Scotty and his wife live in Hilton Head and as of yesterday the mandatory evac for their county was cancelled.  That was before Flo changed course and it looks like they are directly in the projected path after she makes landfall.  I hope that bridge to the mainland survives or they're stuck.  God  bless everybody in the path of this monster.  Flooding is the biggest danger because it's expected to slow down after it hits and hover.  

Other than that, I've got plumbers here so that's a good thing.  This post has been a nice break from washing dishes but I've got to get back to it.  Y'all be cool ^j^

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