Thursday, September 6, 2018


People are so good.  There are three local businesses that I owe money to and I have spoken with all three about my current situation and of course they know I'm good for it and they have all actually thanked me for staying in touch and not avoiding them.  That's respect at the highest level.  I had a consultation with my favorite pharmacist today on affordable asthma inhalers and he suggested using a nebulizer instead.  MUCH cheaper.  That's what I love about hometown folks.  They know you and your mama and all them and strive to do right by you if you're a loyal customer.  Thank you Kevin, Mayberry and Butch.  And also Bubba.  

A year after the State Gazette published A Brief History of Samaria Bend by Rachel Townsend, a guy whose grandfather helped to build the barn contacted her and she put him in touch with me.  He lives in Michigan and will be in this area around the 28th for a tour.  The history buff in me is ecstatic!  Also, the publishers of A Page in Time plan to transition from my mother's father's story to how it led to Ferguson Farm.   It's quite a tale!

Plan B is in place, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.  It will be  implemented after the first of the year when I see what my tax situation is.  It will be a hot mess I'm sure so I'm choosing to defer my next move until I see how it all pans out.  I'm two years away from Medicare which sucks.  Everybody should have it.  If you look at how many people die before EVER accessing these benefits that they paid for, it makes you wonder where all that money goes.  Military parades?  

I need a haircut but I'm letting it go gray.  I think it will be a subtle passage like my mother's was.  Graceful, if you will.  Chucky and Vicki have kept me cut and colored and permed for 45 years.  Now I'm happy with a Marla cut and some facial waxing for a treat.  Once Lauren got a brush tangled in her hair and I had to take her to them to get it out.  UCMTSU.

Holmes Tree Service came this morning and he's already done.  It helps to have a place to put the wood right across the road.  I can still get to it if I get the help to make a Swedish torch!  

Think happy thoughts and keep on truckin'.   


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  1. every time I come here I think to myself I'VE GOT TO GET BACK TO MY BLOG. :) I'm glad this one is still up and running and full of steam. xoxoxox