Monday, September 10, 2018

monday's child

It's quite obvious as of day 2 that Ellie doesn't believe in sleeping late.  It's probably better for me to get up and get moving anyway.  My phone has been wonky lately so I went by the ATT store to get it checked out.  The lady there said " now I ain't saying your phone is old BUT..."  It wouldn't connect to the diagnostics machine because it's an S5.  She popped out the battery and said that's an easy fix for most little quirks just to reset everything.  

I was advised to get Ellie a rubber toy that she can't tear up so Tractor Supply had what I needed.  Then I meandered over to the fabric store to get an iron on patch to fix the expensive shirt that tore on the first washing.  Not to self:  hand wash.  It got stuck under the rotator and ripped when I pulled it. I scored a clearance candle while I was there.  After that was my old stomping grounds New China to meet Lorna for lunch.  Even the luncheon special was too much for me so I have a plate full of leftovers.  When I was pregnant, that was my go to place.  I craved egg rolls, tomato soup and broccoli.  Strange but true.  The owner has switched wives and this one is MUCH nicer.  After that I followed to her storage unit and helped her unload a shit ton of plastic boxes to be sorted through at a later date.  It's a new place, and very nice.  

I came home praying that no blood had been shed while I was out and it was all good.  Ellie has a microchip but you have to pay to have it activated so that will have to wait.  I am learning ( again ) to keep all things up high so she can't grab it and run.  And she loves the new toy, by the way.  10 bucks well spent.  

I've dropped off two job applications and have heard nothing but crickets.  All in God's time is how I look at it.  When I get paid for writing I should at least be able to get out of the hole and buy groceries.  Baby steps.  

Y'all have a marvelous Monday.  And keep the faith ^j^

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