Monday, September 3, 2018


I was up and at it early today for a camera/laptop teaching session from Rachel.  I failed to listen to Google correctly and ended up taking the scenic route and turning around as I found myself headed to McCulloch Chapel Road.  I hate that road cuz it's a giant kudzu pit!  That was after I searched through my dirty clothes to find the car key.  Seriously, yes.  I need a keeper.  I tripped on the way out and almost dropped the camera AND the laptop.  Lerd.

Looks like we've got rain coming with the tropical storm making landfall.  It should hit here about Thursday, Lord willing.  The beans are getting irrigated daily now and are beginning to turn yellow in spots.  The corn should come down soon, and not soon enough for me.  

Labor day is traditionally a dove hunting sort of day but I don't hear any shooting so who knows.  I haven't seen the neighbors around so I reckon they're at the lake for a last hoorah.  I've got more writing to do so I best get to it.

Happy labor day to all y'all and your mama'n'them.  

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