Wednesday, September 26, 2018

red shoes

My friend Amy always looked radiant and she loved red...especially shoes.  It wasn't until after the funeral that I saw the picture board with a pair of to-die-for red heels hanging on the edge.  She would so approve.  Regina and I were running late because I had to literally pull paint specks out of her hair where she'd been redoing cabinets for her place at the lake.  The woman is a wizard with a vision when it comes to decorating.  Her entire office is covered with cabinet fronts and drawers.  We held hands and sat behind the pallbearers as Amy's sister gave remembrance and the pastor led prayer. It was a nice service....not real long winded like some go.  45 minutes and we were on the way to the graveyard.  It's a pleasant day, and the sun was out as we gathered around the tent to say our goodbyes.  One of the folks I had not seen in ages is Joanna Callis.  She drove all the way from New York for her best friend's funeral.  I met some new folks too whom I think will be good friends to have.  Us wild women gotta' stick together.

Another friend Cheryl has had a VERY bad year.  She was involved in a wreck that killed her mother a few months ago and she was in such bad shape she couldn't even go to her funeral.  Now her husband has passed away and she's here to bury him.  Nobody said life would be easy but she's had more than her share.  

The plumbers just after replacing the toilet in less than an hour.  New porcelain!  Flushes like a dream.  Y'all live it up and laugh.  It makes life more joyful ^j^

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