Saturday, September 15, 2018

teardrop pattern

The farmers are still at it with the corn and I visited with them for a few minutes before heading to town for an interview.  Beans will be right behind the corn until it's all done.  A few are ready right now.  There were three generations out there amongst the huge equipment.  It's very hard to walk corn stubble without boots and I almost tripped and fell on my butt.  

The interview was with Debby Cresanto , a charter member of Pickin' Up The Pieces quilting guild in Memphis.  She was in town to sew at the local quilting shop and came by The Mill for a very special presentation.  My friend Lorna lost her youngest daughter unexpectedly in December and it was a devastating loss for the whole family, including Hazen's two young children Gracie and Jasper.  Lorna's oldest daughter Amy is a member of the quilt guild and their mission and ministry includes donating quilts to those who have lost a loved one.  Today she presented Gracie and Jasper each with a quilt so they can wrap up in their mama's memory.  It was quite touching and we all cried especially when Gracie tuned up.  Debby told about how they just pick people who have lost a loved one and often deliver to the funeral home because they don't even know them.  It was so heartwarming to hear her stories and to experience this moment with that family.  All of them were involved including Uncle Chris who allowed us to meet there.  There's more to the story, but that will come later.

Since I had a few bucks I went back to Buff City Soap Company and treated  myself.  They were packed as usual.  All the girls there are super sweet, especially the owner Charli Gorman.  As I was leaving I heard my name called from over at Pennington's and couldn't tell who it was until he took off the sunglasses.  The guy I'm accustomed to seeing in dress clothes who loves my cake was wearing a cap and getting ready to do some mulching.  Big hugs, always.  

I returned to find the corn shelling moved across the road and rocking on.  Ryan's crew was here mowing the last time when I left.  Life is good.  It's still HOT as heck so I'm in for the day.  Gracie's plan was to go home, put on her PJs and wrap up in that special quilt to watch Supernatural.  Sounds like a plan.

Y'all be blessed ^j^

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