Friday, September 7, 2018

who done it?

 Well well.  The worm turns once again for the POTUS as "anonymous" tells all in an op-ed, an insider at the White House supposedly.  They've been hurriedly putting together a list of 12 "suspects" which includes Kelly, Pence and Sanders.  Boy genius Rand Paul suggests giving them all a lie detector test.  Honey, please.  The fact that insiders are throwing out so much information means that we have a dysfunctional White House.  It doesn't matter who did it.  Pence, obviously, has the most to gain.  But who's to say that somebody didn't write that FOR him or another of the suspects.  I prefer, in my rainbows and unicorns way of thinking, that it's somebody who is watching out for our country from the inside and sending us a heads up.  That would be the right reason, not thinking about what you have to gain.  

We got a monsoon last night and I can hear the soybeans sighing with relief.  I went out today and dropped off a job app and cashed my birthday check from sweet Marilyn and Freddie.  As our little family shrinks, they become more dear.  Lauren has a torn ACL from falling while throwing trash into the dumpster.  Lerd.  Just what she needs.  I figured it was a tendon because she heard it pop just like I heard my shoulder pop.  I didn't have surgery until 8 months later.  

Mr. Holmes left nothing but pecan leaves where that ginormous tree split off.  I'm still impressed that a guy his age can do that much that quick....alone!  The corn will have to dry out now before it goes so hmm.  Still with the children.  

Y'all have a lovely weekend.  Peace out ^j^

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