Sunday, August 15, 2010

lost and found

Today was church day and daddy went twice while momma chose, instead, to stay in the log cabin and enjoy some quiet time. Lord knows she deserves a break now and then and with the heat and whatnot, it just seemed right to sleep in and avoid the entire thing. We visited after work today and had chapter next of the same conversation that has been in the works for several years now. I feel extremely blessed to still be a part of that dialogue.

This was an unusually quiet day at the sawmill so I got to visit with my friend Sue and chat about life and love. She retired from the clinical lab for several years so that she could pursue her dream of being a successful business owner and partner with her hub at the tea room/antique shop featuring the best blueberry cobbler anywhere on highway 51 north. George died a few years ago and I was totally afraid that I was gonna lose her over that grief. We discussed, at length, the options to lawyer up and sue everybody. In the end, her attorney said that it was a lost cause to take on those particular healthcare providers because it wouldn't bring him back and would prolong the drama. It is what it is and there's a plan. I can see George now up there in heaven chuckling over us at the casino having a wonderful time doing the girl thing.

In other news, it's still hot'n'dry here on the lane. You can bet your sweet ass that I'll be dancing in the rain when it comes. Even the waterhose doesn't help anymore. I thought today about the fun party that I hosted right after my last divorce and shuddered just thinking about the heat up in here with twenty women shopping for sex toys during dog days in MY living room. Those gals were true friends...the kind who show up no matter what or when when they know you need some support.

That being said, I'm headed to BG's room where the window unit is. She'll kick me to the curb when she gets ready to sprawl out but I think I've got a few hours to chill. Found my camera a few minutes ago, just in the nick of time. I missed the sunset, but there's always tomorrow.


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  1. "I missed the sunset, but there's always tomorrow."
    Sounds like a country song...